Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latest: 'Breaking Dawn' Set, Fans Meet Rob

The press and the fans have been an excellent source of information when it comes to updates from Brazil. Yesterday we got the first pictures of Rob and Kristen at the honeymoon locations, and IG reports on what went down today on the Isle Esme set via @FePattz:

The couple of players in the film “Breaking Dawn” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart record since the morning of Wednesday (10) scenes of the film series “Twilight” on the production rented mansion in the village of Bag Mamanguá, Paraty- Mirim.

At 1030, the actors began shooting inside the house around 13:30 and they were seen on the private beach, located in front of the mansion, which has been serving the lease for the fourth movie saga.
The movement of production employees in the long stay began shortly after 8 am. Before that time, the weather was bad in the region with strong winds and cloudy skies. After this time, the clouds dissipated and the sun came up.

Tight security prevents the approach of the press and curious. Over 10 boats, including two of the Port Authority, give support structure mounted patrols and make every moment in the region.
The sandy beach is just opposite the house is surrounded by an insulating rope and red flags scattered across the sea border the 200 meters that prevent the approach of onlookers.
The stars of “Twilight” arrived in Rio de Janeiro last Friday (5) and helicopter were to Paraty on Monday, where they stayed at Pousada do Ouro, the historic city center. Under tight security – private and military police – Pattinson and Kristen around the city virtually without being seen, but always leaving a trail of fans and onlookers.
In the story of “Dawn”, based on the eponymous book, the characters Edward and Bella get married and decide to spend the honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. Besides the shots in Paraty, some scenes were shot in Marina da Glória and Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

The main location of “Dawn” in Paraty is paradise. Surrounded by native bush, the mansion has 220 meters of private beach with crystal clear water and limited access by boat and helicopter. The house with 700 square feet of decks and balconies with panoramic views, has four suites, plus an annex with two other suites and living room.

 A few local fans also shared their experience, after they got to meet Rob on location (via Team Twilight Brazil):

 Hosted in the area reserved for recordings in Paraty, resonate with teenagers the attention of heartthrob ‘Dawn’. Kristen did not want to talk.

Gabriela, Bruna Waleska and display the autographs of Robert Pattinson: he was “mega-friendly”, they say.

“I was thrilled when I heard. But I knew that would get get an autograph from him, he would get so close to him. I was in shock, “celebrated Gabriel

Approaching the vampires of Twilight, always surrounded by bodyguards, is virtually impossible. Unless, of course, that the vampires want to visit. This was exactly the sort of three teenagers who managed to get close, talk and even make personalized autographs heartthrob Robert Pattinson on the afternoon of Tuesday, the district Taquari in Paraty.

Gabriela Rebelo, 14, had help from the press, Patricia, 28 years, to approach the idol. Once we knew the area would be used for the filming and that only residents have access to the site during the recording, Patricia, who lives on site, alerted the couple. “When we heard the rumor, I spoke immediately to Gabriela, because I know she is a fan of the movie. The producers asked me permission to pass through the property of my husband, “she explained.

Gabriela, who lives in Paraty and was allowed to stay in the restricted area, to be hosted at the home of relatives, had a day dream. “I was thrilled when I heard. But I knew that would get get an autograph from him, he would get so close to him. I was in shock, “celebrated with a piece of paper in hand.

Bruno Nascimento Waleska and Toledo, both 17 and residents of Jundiai, in São Paulo, also had a little help. First, to go with the father of Waleska, we rented a summer house for the production of the film. Then, in order to miss the Enem, Saturday and Sunday. “Even though the test was aborted,” celebrated Waleska.

The house of the young Waleska, used for the production of “Twilight” as a support for the recordings

Pattinson was housed in a trailer in front of the house of a teenager, used to store equipment and as a support area for the technicians. But not only that the actor, according to Waleska, came into the house at a time. “Just thinking about where he sat, where he, if he played in my bed … I’m desperate,” the young woman was thrilled.

The contact with the idol was made thanks to Bruno, one of the group who speaks English. Seeing the actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen passing in front of the house, Bruno called it. The security guards tried to close an enclosure to protect the star but he, nice, got rid of the bodyguards and went to meet girls. They said Pattinson chatted briefly and wanted to know the names of three fans to make personalized dedications.

Bruna and Waleska were ready: they took their copies of the fourth book in the saga, Breaking Dawn, and came out with the first page with a signature of ‘vampire’.

If Pattinson paraded sympathy, the same can not be said of the actress Kristen Stewart. Surrounded by bodyguards, she would look away from those who crossed his path and had the help of a bodyguard to avoid eye contact, protecting his face with an umbrella. “I think her mistake. But I will not judge. I had read that she does not like being harassed. It is a more reserved person. He was mega-friendly “, celebrated the young.
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  1. when were these pictures taken?

  2. love to hear stories about rob like this!

  3. I think he's so sweet,wish I could be one of the lucky one's to meet him!

  4. I have always thought Rob was very gracious to his fans and stories like this just prove it. He seems to be able to enjoy the fans, it spite of the fact it is often overwhelming. I feel badly for Kristen that she seems to be less comfortable. I say 'seems' because the press often perpetuates negative stories. Hopefully she will be able to roll with it all. Rob will lead the way!