Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Edward At His Best: *New* Eclipse Stills From DVD + Caps + Scoop

We are really trying not to spoil the fun for you guys, but if you want a little preview of what to expect in the commentary, check out these two posts from the Twilight Examiner.

December 4th can't get here soon enough!
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  1. Dear God!!These are Hot pics of Edward and Bella,I am looking forward to watching the E/B Meadow,and the proposal kissing scenes..it's not long now..thanks RPN..you do know how to keep us satisfied ..Hugs to all and all my favs!!

  2. Rob looked so hot in Eclipse and the kissing scenes were effortless, dreamlike. I personally thought I was the most satisfied with his look in Eclipse than any of the other movies, no distracting lip stain or lipstick, just gorgeousness. No more to be said. Twilightnan, the meadow and the proposal scenes are two of my favorite, he looked outstanding.

  3. I'm with both of you @twilightnan and @Iluvthemovies. Those two scenes are the highlights of the whole movie. The meadow scene revealed a more natural and very tender Edward and Bella during their kissing shots. I guess practice makes perfect, huh twilightnan?!? I'm pretty sure the proposal scene portion of my DVD will be scratched from being played over and over. LOL!!

    Hugs to the rest of the fabulous favs: @Yaelfica, @JA, @Mrs Deen and @papagaj.

    Thanks RPN, you keep us going.

  4. Rob looks good in eclipse, just brought Eclipse today can't wait to watch it.