Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LA Sighting: Rob Shopping For A New Guitar Thanksgiving Weekend

Just like most of us, Rob used his time off to go shopping this holiday weekend. And of course he headed straight to Norman's Rare Guitars in LA. The store posted a picture on its Facebook page and added a few more details of Rob's purchase on twitter.

Rob is a regular customer at the store, and it's nice to see he had some time to unwind before heading back to Baton Rouge to resume filming Breaking Dawn.


  1. It's great to see Rob looking so happy with a new guitar..he must have quite a few now..I'm sure he had a great 'Thanksgiving' break with Kristen.!thanks PRN and Norman's Rare Guitars for sharing..great picture!!hi to my favs!!especially to my dear @Iluvthemovies..thank you again for that very special E'card..so personal and perfect like EDWARD CULLEN!!

  2. Look at that grin on Rob's face; he looks like a little boy with his new shiny toy!! It sure is good to hear that he got some respite from filming BD by celebrating Thanksgiving with Kristen. Norm should give Rob a frequent flyer pass considering the number of times he has visited their store!! It is even better to see Rob surface during this dry spell after the deluge from Rio.

    Regards to all the fandom most especially to favs. Good post, RPN ladies!