Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Brazil Day 2: TV Reports, Latest Scoop

UPDATE: First video of Rob and Kristen with fans in Brazil (at the airport).

Ever since Rob and Kristen arrived in Rio early Friday, fans have been camped out outside of their hotel. But as we found out in this news report, they are not all there for the Twilight stars. Apparently Vin Diesel also has fans.. who knew? ;) (Our fave part is the older men trying to guess which stars fans are waiting for).

Today we also got a look at a few more of the stuff Rob signed for fans waiting for him and Kristen at the Rio Airport yesterday.

Aline (@Alineee) with Capricho Magazine also let us know a few other details of some of the perks the press got at the hotel, while hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars. (Google translate version):

Yesterday, we were invited to a party at the Copacabana Palace and we could move in the same place that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. OMG, right?

The hotel is all this even if the staff speaks! PERFECT! Several restaurants, bars, a pool of dreams ... but we stayed right next to a piano in the piano bar, waiting for Rob to play a little cheer for us! Imagine if this happens ?????? Morri!
But yesterday they were hanging out in the room.

Globo has more on the rooms the cast and production are staying in:

They are on the top floor where the rooms are more expensive - the most luxurious of them, where Robert Pattinson was photographed on Friday, May, the daily cost over £ 5000. The entire floor was reserved for the production of the film and therefore they had no contact with other guests or with local officials.
Finally, fans caught up with Stephenie Meyer today, after she wandered out into the city before production begins.

Could this be the place where they will be filming the honeymoon scenes?, that is the *rumor* going around. You can see more on the rental's website.

More to come!

Thanks to Foforks, JackyGomes, BlogTwiBrasil.

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  1. This is not the type of house I imagined on the island, yet it looks very airy. I don't care about the outside of the house, it is the inside that I am concerned with, if u know what I mean. I hope both of them get to view the city other than the four walls of their suite.