Friday, August 3, 2012

'Cosmopolis' Exclusive Promo Pics: Rob Suits Up In Gucci!

We have a very special treat for you this Friday!

As we look ahead to the U.S. release of Cosmopolis August 17, we're proud to debut these exclusive images of Rob wearing the Gucci suit from the film.

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Unfolding in a single cataclysmic day, the story follows Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) – a 28-year old financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager – as he heads out in his tricked-out stretch limo to get a haircut from his father’s old barber, while remotely wagering his company’s massive fortune on a bet against the Chinese Yuan. Packer’s luxe trip across the city quickly becomes dizzyingly hellish as he encounters explosive city riots, a parade of provocative visitors, and is thrust into a myriad of intimate encounters. Having started the day with everything, believing he is the future, Packer’s perfectly ordered, doubt-free world is about to implode.

will open in New York and Los Angeles before expanding into additional markets. Thanks to Entertainment One for letting us share these exclusive pics with you. And don't forget to like the official Cosmopolis Facebook page, and check-in to GetGlue to score an exclusive sticker from the film.


  1. Agree to your mention of Gorgeous man, and hope to Rob's smile and humor in premiere at New york again.

  2. Absolutely stunning all he need to do now is get the lead roll of christien grey and he will be unstoppable glade to see the stunning smile

  3. How anyone could cheat on that sexy man I do not no. Totally agree about the fifty shades of grey (christien grey) he would be perfect he even suit the description woooo that would be something to see hhhooottttt

  4. I never wanted to see his picture with kristen stewart after what she have done to him,hope he will mive on and us fans should continue supporting him,anyway its not his lost.more project Rob!!!

  5. I am glad to see Rob cut off Kristen , do not waste time to listen her series of lying so far, it is shame to her to pretend the imagae of truly loving Rob, maybe still sleeping with Rupid now. I just do not trust to her anymore.

  6. Agree about Christian Grey!! And about Kristen. She is ridiculous. He is better off!