Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attention To Detail: Jacob, The Baby, & The Diaper Pins

A new article by NPR takes a look at the ins and outs of searching for just the right props for a particular film, and they mention the attention to detail paid during recent Water for Elephants reshoots:

One of the Elyeas' clients is Hope Parrish, who's working on the film Water for Elephants and wants to know where she can find diaper pins from the 1940s. (Down an aisle, second shelf, lower left.)

She also wants a toy bear, but Jim Elyea explains that the one she's looking at isn't what she needs.

"That's the '50s snout," he tells her.

It's not simple geekery that drives Elyea's attention to detail.

"Most people learn their history from movies and TV, without debating whether that's a good or bad idea," Elyea says. "So we feel it's our obligation that we portray the physical world as accurately as possible."

Parrish, diaper pins chosen, leaves her order at History for Hire and hurries off to find other props elsewhere. It's all for additional shooting on Water for Elephants — principal photography wrapped last summer.

We can safely assume these scenes were the ones the props were used in. Cue the collective aww..

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  1. Him holding a baby is killing me. And this is just a picture. Can't wait for the movie!

  2. how cute..rob is so adorable with the baby

  3. I don´t think we will be paying attention to the pin, when the person holding the cute baby is no other man than Robert Pattinson hahaaa

  4. OMG!!!!! Could Rob be anymore of a picture perfect father, he looks like he's held babies all his life and the baby is just sitting in his arms like he knows him not even crying or fussing; how often do you see that happening. I guess he's just as mesmerizing to babies when they gaze into his eyes as everyone else is, after all those eyes are like looking into a beautiful blue ocean.