Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Love Edward, But Hope Michael Sheen Is Wrong

Hollywood Life caught up with Michael Sheen in New York, and when they asked him about Rob, what he said frankly bothered us a little:

“I think Robert has been very clever in the way that he has tried to branch out and do lots of other different things,” Michael says. “Rob has been trying to do that while he’s been doing the Twilight series and all but I think it’s going to take a long time. I think he’ll always be Edward [Cullen] for a whole generation or maybe a few generations of people and it will be difficult to get away from that. But he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.”

Difficult to get away from that?.. we certainly hope not. Don't get us wrong we love Edward, but we hope Rob is able to be seen as more than the "sparkly vampire" simply because he's much more than that.

Read the rest at Hollywood Life.


  1. no we love edward & the other roles that he played in the other movies , becuase it's coming frome his core , the inside of him as a part of robert pattinson , not as a part of edward cullen

  2. I believe he has proven to be much more than a "sparkly vampire" with his role in Water for Elephants. Not once did I think of Edward Cullen during that movie. I am waiting for him to take some time to work on his music. His voice, words and overall music ability touch the soul...

  3. I believe the Twigjlight saga has directed our attention to him as an actor. It has left me with a very positive feeling about his character and first impressions always count. The series (not just the movies, but the books as well) have led me to follow the characters outside of Twighlight, and the positive coverage on Robert has followed through. He is not self absorbed or materialistic and a very caring person. He also has shown in Water with Elephants and Remember Me that he is an actor. A musician also who doesn't flaunt his talent. He isn't Twighlight, we just noticed him sooner rather than later because of Twighlight. Michael J Fox, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford all did Trilogies, they were not typecast, neither will Rob. (Fiona Lorimer)

  4. wow, really surprised at Mr. Sheen's comments...sounds a little cray cray like another Sheen lately....Robert is a wonderful actor and I think he's already proven that!