Thursday, May 26, 2011

MTV Goodie Bag Contains Sex-Hair Maker

We knew that would catch your attention..

Today Celebuzz announced a contest to win one of the coveted goodie bags that guests will take home from the MTV Movie Awards, and guess what's included as described by Movieline:

PRO BEAUTY TOOLS is gifting celebrities with the professional hair dryer, ceramic straightener, ceramic styling iron, heat protective counter pad/travel pouch, and styling brush used on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. A special “Twilight Limited Edition” of these products will be launching worldwide in October 2011 to help fans take the guesswork out of creating their favorite Twilight hairstyles. PRO Beauty Tools brings consumers the quality of the salon at an irresistible value.

We don't see it listed on the picture provided by Celebuzz, but we want that hair on our boyfriends.. pronto. And did you catch the part where these babies will be part of a bigger promotion come Breaking Dawn premiere time?.. can just see the ads now.  You can register for your chance to win at Celebuzz.

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