Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'WFE' Premiere: London Fan Encounter

Carina attended the Water for Elephants premiere in London, and shared with us her pictures and videos from that day.

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She also had a cute story to tell:

I booked my London trip in late January. From May 2nd, to May 8th, with my family. Then in March/April I found out that Robert Pattinson would be attending the Water for Elephants premiere there on May 3rd, MY BIRTHDAY! I cannot tell you how happy I was then. I tried not to be too excited, since I knew we couldn’t stand in line at Westfield all day long. I did take with me a picture and a WFE book, though. And then we arrived in London late on the 2nd. On the 3rd we went to Westfield at 10, to do some shopping before the premiere. At 3:30pm we went to see how it looked; because a friend of mine told we should come to were she was. And I am very glad we did. We had to stand there for 3 hours before the premiere started, and Rob arrived. And holy crap, is he beautiful in person. We (my sister and I) had a very good spot, only one person in front of us. And we stood opposite the press people. And then suddenly Rob was there. In front of me! And he signed both my picture and my book :D I didn’t get to look at him much, which I regret, because we left right after he had signed for me. People were pushing so much; I couldn’t stand there anymore. I did not get a picture with Rob, but I don’t really mind that :) It was the best birthday present I could ever get.

I did, however, get a few pictures of him :) They aren’t that good, because it wasn’t possible for me to stand still. My sister also got a couple of videos, which I love :) I am today sharing these with you, but with my tag on, because, well, they are mine :) And I would like it very much if you do not post these without letting me know first. Thank you :)

(FYI, I am not in any of these pictures/videos and I am not saying anything in them either.)

For the rest of Carina's pictures and videos, go to her blog. And don't miss all the excitement from the premiere in our red carpet post.

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