Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The O.M.G. Moment For Any Fan: Meeting Rob

It happened to one fan in Berlin, and Bravo.de documented it on video for all of us to see! (we'll post the translated article when/if we get it, but it's really all in the video).

Thanks dropsoflife!


  1. He is so awesome with fans. You can tell he is awkward and everything but he is so sweet to spend time with them, hug them and take pics.

  2. that was so adorable! i am a massive fan of Robert Pattinson and to meet him would be the most incredible thing in the world. He's so talented! even though it must get overwhelming with people speechless and crying infront of him, he still makes the effort with his fans:) it's easy to understand why so many girls love him.. and i'm one of them, aha:)