Sunday, May 15, 2011

'WFE' London: Fan Videos & Interviews (Part 2)

Don't miss Part 1!

Glamour UK (script portion lower in this post). Rob talks "his style," why he's glad he didn't have to attend circus school like Reese, and much more!

For the rest - keep watching & reading (*really* good stuff) under the cut.

Great video of what people inside the theater saw while Rob was on his way there. So nice Rob :)

More footage from the premiere - we've heard the quotes in some interview below, but we do see that adorable hug he gave out from a different angle (at around 1:15).

MSN - Click to watch, watch on their site or on YouTube. Rob talks about the funniest scene in the film, and answers a twitter question from fans.

Magic 105.5 - Sign of the times.. Rick Astley interviews Rob. (Click to watch or watch here if you can't see below).

T4 (Click to watch or watch at their site if you can't see below)

Fan videos

Many more interviews and clips after the cut!

Edith Bowman (Click to watch or watch on YouTube) - Interview with Reese here.

OK!TV (Partial LQ interview) - The rest when it's in (via Gossipgyal).


Preview of interview with T4 - Will post the complete clip once it airs Sunday. Click to watch.

Entertainment.ie (Ireland) - Rob's stomach was crying out for food apparently during the press junket in London.. Glamour UK noticed it too! -(Watch on YouTube)

Click to watch

OK TV (Funny piece)

IndiaEcho (At about 1:15)

Sky Movies 35MM Special

Freshly Squeezed

The Movie Show

The Guardian


This Morning - (Better quality version here)

Xpose (Ireland)
Click to watch

Moviefone (UK)

Film Club

Celeb Eleven

TeeMix - Very cute interview where Rob talks about his costars, friends, and don't miss the end ;) - Watch at the source or below.

NU.nl - Rob talks fans on the set, crying on the last day of filming.

BBC Radio 2

Sky News - (Watch on YouTube)

Click to Watch

*With Sky News, Rob talks about fame and what the future holds for him and more - Read the complete interview.

*Rob talks about type of films he likes to do with the BBC. Read that interview here.

*With Metro UK Rob says he never got the handsome roles before Twilight and more. Read that complete article.

*Rob shares filming details with Glamour UK and more! Read it all at their site.

Plus catch the rest of the London premiere coverage (more videos & TONS of pics) that you might have missed!

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  1. OMG, I Was There!!!!!!!!

  2. The best part of having a London premiere??? All the English and Irish accents of the interviewers!! I love it!