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Rob & Reese Talk To French Radio (NRJ)

Translation (entire transcript) by Sonia after the cut!

Nikos: We met Robert Pattinson with Mustafa, all three of us. Did you like him, Karin?

Karin: What I liked about him... you mean physically? Because what I liked the most was that he was so simple. He came with his can of Coke and started smoking at the window. He talked with us like we were friends.

Nikos: You wanna be friends with him, yes.

Karin: What shocked me was the role that made him famous, the vampire role. He's so pale. He's really white.

Nikos: It's normal, he's a vampire.

He wasn't alone, he was with Reese Witherspoon, who's not that hot really but she's really nice. She's a great actress, I mean she got an Oscar.

Soon we will talk with him about French artists, French actors that he knows and would like to work with. We played the Taboo game with him. You'll see that he has a sense of humor. We also talked about his movie projects, the scripts he refused and if he regrets some.

Mufasa: It was a nice interview.

Nikos: Yes. But for now let's talk Oscars. Listen to the preview of Robert Pattinson's interview.

Where did you put your Oscar, Reese?

Reese: In my living room.

Karin: Does it change everything or does it cause problems when you get one?

Reese: No, I mean, I think it's helpful in some ways. Some directors think of you in a way they didn't before.

Nikos: What kind of prizes do you have in your living room, Rob?

Rob: I have, like, a little badge from a film festival, for a movie I did years ago. It's like Germany gets a birthday badge...

Reese: That's your I.D. badge.

Rob: I have a sticker that says: 'You're the best.' My mom wrote it.


Nikos: He's really nice. It's the second time we met him.

Mufasa: He's cool.

Nikos: His new life was all written. He wanted to be a veterinarian, he was finishing his studies but unfortunately something happens, we won't tell you what, that will change his life. He's going to end up in a circus, he's going to live with animals.

Everytime we meet him, we try to warm him up, because he took French classes at school, back in England.

Mufasa: The movie is titled, Water For Elephants, right?

Nikos: Yes, there's and elephant that follows them throughout the whole movie. The movie was so moving. I cried like a baby. I'm a fan. You did too, right?

Mufasa: I cried a lot.

Karin: It makes me laugh when you say that.

Mufasa: Let's keep going *laughs*

Nikos/Karin: He slept at the end. He was tired, he didn't sleep for two days. It's the problem when you go see movies in the morning.

We laughed with Pattinson, we asked him about his French and he knew some words. He always said: 'Je parle un petit pois.' *laughs*

[note: 'petit pois' means a pea, he's supposed to say 'un petit peu' = a little.]

It was our first question when we met him in a Parisian hotel with the famous oscarised actress. We asked how it was to film and spend so much time on set with an elephant and animals.

Rob: 'Un petit pois.' *laughs*

Nikos: You weren't afraid she might trample you?

Mufasa: Elephants kill more men than sharks.

Reese: Oh yeah, she's very big. She's 9000 pounds, she's 12 feet tall. 12 feet?

Rob: Noooooo. She's like 9 feet.

Reese: She's 9 feet something, it's crazy. She could crush you if she wanted.

Nikos: It's a family movie, right?


Nikos: It's a romantic movie, where nothing is hidden. It's hard for you, isn't it? You lose everything like that and then you end up randomly in a circus.

Rob: Yeah, it's a very shocking beginning. It happens very, very quickly.

Nikos: Could you live in a circus?

Mufasa: With a bearded lady? Like Susan Boyle?

Rob: *laughs* OMG, she doesn't have a beard anymore, she got rid of it.

Karin: She has an amazing voice.

Nikos: You guys don't have an entertainer's life either. You're always travelling, you're rarely home. Always on the spotlight.

Rob: Yeah, I mean, it's easier for actors. For one thing, you're doing press, that's the only time it's really crazy.

Nikos: You're getting beat up in this movie.

Rob: I always get beaten up in movies. We had to do additional stuff to had me hitting, cause we did ... the first cut I saw of the movie, I get beaten up about ten times and I don't even throw a punch. Christoph is literally sitting on top of me, punching me in the face.

Nikos: Girls like that.

Mufasa: You're going aound the world right now. Do you ever think of who you'd like to work with?

Rob: Romain Duris, he's one of my favorite actors.

Reese: Guillaume Canet.

Karin: Marion Cotillard, maybe?

Reese: Oh yes!

Mufasa: Are they roles you refused that you now regret?

Reese: There are jobs I didn't get that I really wanted.

Nikos: Which ones?

Reese: I really wanted to do Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, from Baz Luhrmann. It broke my heart.

Nikos: What about you Rob?

Mufasa: Juliet too?

Rob: *laughs* yeah, there are always things. There always seems to be stuff. Like you think that you're not really right for something and then, ... so you don't go in and then someone wins an Oscar for it.

Nikos: You can never know those things in advance. Last question, are you happy?

Reese: Ouais [lol that's Yeah in slang/French]

Mufasa: 'Un petit pois.'

Nikos: Thank you so much. You guys are very cool.


Nikos: He's adorable.He talks about everything with humor.

It's not over. In a minute Rob and Reese will talk about their respective qualities and flaws.

6/9: Can Rob gives us Reese's biggest flaw and quality? same for Reese about Rob?

Reese: He wears weird socks. Sometimes you say nonsensical things like: 'My lips are falling out.'

6/9: What about Rob?

Rob: I don't even know if it's appropriate or not but I had a birthday party like a while ago on my birthday. And we just stared working together (..) It was just like eight people. It wasn't like a massive party. And Reese said, 'yeah, I'll come.' Then it got later, later and later. It was like two in the morning or something. Reese suddenly turns up with 12oz of Vodka.

Reese: I brought lots of Vodka.

Rob: I thought she was going to turn up at seven o'clock in the evening and just be like, 'Hey, Happy Birthday.' Reese is a heavy drinker.

Reese: I'm very generous with my alcohol.

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