Sunday, May 15, 2011

WFE Sydney: Fan Videos & Interviews

Ten News - complete interview (you can find the slightly different version that aired last week below). Rob talks about how to get his attention at a premiere, musical tastes.

The rest (and there are many) under the cut :)

Reese talks about how gracious Rob is with fans (1:15) and how attached Tai was to him.

Dolly Magazine

Event TV

Famous magazine - Rob talks about the trip advice Kristen and Taylor gave him, and who is a better "snog" Kristen or Reese? - Rob answers that question too!

B105.com - What is Rob doing for his birthday?.. he answers that question in this interview (birthday part is on the audio version). And check out the 'Couch Time' red carpet interview below, for more with the same reporter.

Birthday talk (audio only)

Interview with video

Rob Pattinson On Couch Time - Part Two from RPAustralia on Vimeo.

The Event - Rob talks love scenes

Good News Week - Aussie words, moonshine, and *we think* a laugh track..

Couch Time (Thanks Twilovexxx) - Rob talks about weird gifts fans give him.

Media sings happy birthday to Rob - (PopSugar)

Sunrise (Watch on YouTube)

3news.co.nz - or watch on demand

Red Carpet (3news.co.nz)

Fan videos -click to watch


Spotlight Report

Channel 7 News (Local Sydney red carpet coverage)

Today -  (Click to watch or watch on YouTube)

Cast Inside State Theatre

You can hear Rob a little better on this one - read Patty's fan experience.

Rob's Q&A -  live stream for theatre audience 

(First part - turn up the volume)

Thank you Ella Jacobs!

Video Ezy

The Dirt (Watch on YouTube)

Fan videos

More interviews

The 7pm Project

Ten News

Rob talks to Sydney's 91.9 Sea FM - (Plays along with a mock trailer called "Vampire Vets")

MovieFix - Rob talks about sex scenes, fans, and that "Where is Robert" iTunes app.

Click to watch - (watch on YouTube)

More fan videos from the red carpet

And catch the rest of our Sydney premiere coverage!

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    Good to know he kept the underwear.

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