Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stars Talk Rob's Music

Sure.. just stand there and tease us

While we can't wait until Rob takes the recording leap and graces us all with his voice in an album, not everybody thinks it's a good idea. Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) actually thinks it's a really bad idea:

“No, he is not putting out an album! God, I don’t understand actors who put out albums. I don’t think anyone should take being a famous actor as a cue that it’s time put out an album. I mean, can you imagine how many album he’ll sell? So many. So why not, I guess. That would be cool if he came out with an album of really weird growly rock. I would love that, but I fear it’ll be navel-gazing acoustic balladry that’ll make me want to kill myself.”

Speak for yourself Adam, navel-gazing is what we live for!

While Scott might have been critical of Rob's music, fellow UK musician Charlie Simpson would love to work with Rob:

 "I heard one of his songs, I think it was on the Twilight soundtrack, someone said I should check out his stuff. [A duet] would be awesome, I'd be well up for that". 

Wonder how they would sound together? - take a listen to Simpson, and imagine away..