Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cosmopolis: Cronenberg Thinks Rob is Full Of Potential

Hollywood Life talked to Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg this week, and he had great things to say about working with Rob:

“It sort of pleases me to work with actors, like Rob, who have that potential, but haven’t had the chance to realize that yet and show it,”

“I know [Rob's] big success is Twilight, but as you know Viggo Mortensen‘s big success was Lord of the Rings, but it didn’t show him at his most profound as an actor,” David continued.

Read why Cronenberg also compared Rob to Keira Knightley at Hollywood Life.

A little extra bit we learned from Variety: apparently Cosmopolis won't be ready for Sundance. That news, coming from the director himself. We're not surprised, since Cronenberg had mentioned Cannes as a possible premiere location. Keep you posted!

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