Friday, October 14, 2011

ET Preview: Go Behind The Scenes Of 'Breaking Dawn'

More new footage!! (great BTS start at around 2:45) Watch at ET or below. You can also watch all the videos/interviews in HD and without tags at Collider. 

New footage with interviews (view on ET's site or below). The caps if you're interested.

Version that aired on ET

Longer video with no track


We'll keep updating as more details/video become available.


  1. I will not be surprise if Kristen directs a movie by the time she's 23. You can totally tell she has an eye for things. She always so involved with the directors. It's no wonder Rob is so drawn to her.

  2. Loved it. Can't wait to see the movie of the year.

  3. Since the entire cast of Breaking Dawn cannot
    have their prints displayed at the Graumans
    Theater, perhaps Stephenie Meyer could join
    Rob,Kris and Taylor, to maybe represent the rest
    of the cast.