Friday, October 28, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Paris: More Videos

You've hopefully seen the tons of pictures and videos we've posted so far out of Paris, and they're still coming!

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Screams. Girls who can't control themselves. This is the Robert Pattinson effect. This Sunday, The hero of the Twilight Saga had a meet and greet planned with his fans for the premiere of the fourth movie of the saga.
And besides those piercing screams that hurt your ears, Robert Pattinson is always happy to visit us in Paris.

Rob: I love Paris, it's always so easy to do everything here.

The next day, it's in his hotel room that we met a not so awake Robert Pattinson. He had a short night, we won't say more.

Things get serious in this fourth movie since his character Edward becomes a dad. Now Rob, this is a big responsability.

Rob: Edward's kind of the most old-fashioned and moral character in the series. He's the one who says 'no sex before marriage', blah blah blah.
And then when Bella gets pregnant, even though at first he thinks it's a demon baby or whatever; his first thought is 'abort it!' It's kind of, it's funny. I'm really looking forward to see how it's received when it comes out.

ecranlarge,com (mentions Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis)

Red carpet & Photocall

Longer video of Rob arriving and signing for fans

This one really shows how crazy it gets (we've experienced it)

Q&A (much clearer and closer angle)

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