Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crush On Rob? - Anna Kendrick Answers *That* Question

If you haven't caught 50/50 in theaters, you're missing in our opinion Anna's best role. She comes across as a very relatable character, that you can't help but feel for. But as Anna mockingly brought up in an interview with MTV (that you gotta watch) the Twilight fame follows her everywhere,  and many times the questions end up being about Rob (which we love.. her not so much). That is the case in this latest interview, where she is asked about crushing on her costars:

In her short career, Kendrick has already co-starred opposite three of Hollywood's dreamiest dreamboats: Gordon-Levitt, Rob Pattinson and George Clooney.

Has she gotten a crush on any of them?

"No," said the actress. "You have to be professional. And you're around them so much that you begin to think of them as family. It doesn't cross your mind after a while to think of them (romantically).

What about kissing him you ask??

"The only people I might get doe-eyed over are the '70s versions of Harrison Ford and Paul Newman. Or, like, Cary Grant. So, I don't think I have anything to worry about on that front."

Charming, classic, boy-next-door looks?.. sure, Cary Grant has that. 

But can he do this?..   

Sure, sure, Anna.. "think of him as family" it is ;)

Don't miss Anna in 50/50!


  1. I am totally cracking up at this post with the Family pic of her and Rob. Can I have him in my family now too?? Thanks for making me laugh...I needed it so much after what happened this weekend :)