Monday, April 26, 2010

Lost In Translation: Rob Talks 'Remember Me' in Hungarian Magazine

The scans are from Mozimania Magazine. We asked @alexandra1116 to translate highlights, and this is what she had to say:

"half of it sounds like translations of various things Rob said during the Remember Me press junket (eg. Tyler is a rebel without a cause etc.) and the other half, although it sounds new I think it may be made up. Mostly I think this because there's a question that translates something like this: "You're very good at splitting your time between acting and music. You wrote some of the music in Remember Me too, is that correct?" And his answer goes something like: "Yes, I was very inspired by this film. My music went very well with it. On the other hand, the movie I'm working on now, Bel Ami has a completely different mood so a professional is needed to write its music."

We all know that Rob didn't write any of the music on the RM soundtrack or the score so I'm pretty sure this is a fabricated interview..."

This is why it's tricky when posting interviews with a language you don't understand. You could be spreading wrong information. It's more likely a case of lost in translation. So just enjoy the pictures & support Remember Me!


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