Thursday, April 15, 2010

New/Old 'New Moon' NYC Premiere Coverage

Resuming our spring cleaning, these are our never-before-seen pictures and videos from the 'New Moon' premiere in New York City last November. Pictures are kind of blurry, but videos are cute.

Rob posing for the press. Oh yeah.. he knows he's the man!

This clip is really cute, Rob is walking out of premiere and about to get in his SUV, when he decides instead to go say hi to fans. You can see Nick (manager) kinda pull him back, and he goes anyway.. so nice to fans Rob :)

Kristen was great too. She probably spent the most time signing and taking pictures with fans outside the premiere.

Nikki was among the last to leave, and eventhough it was raining and she was getting wet, she still went over to the fans.

This was Taylor with fans, he also spent quite a bit signing and taking pictures.

Look forward to bringing you more updates from the red carpet!

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