Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robert Pattinson in Japan's "T" Magazine

Can you just say wow.. what a nice Sunday treat.

Translation & scans via Thinking of Rob:

"Robert is a ‘hot star’ among teens, and likely expected to choose parts that his fans would expect.”

Rob“I chose a part where peo­ple would see me as a human being. I don’t want to be type­cast and wanted to be rec­og­nized as an indi­vid­ual. It’s not about pub­lic image, but about me con­tin­u­ing my career. I thought it was impor­tant to give a per­for­mance that would leave a dif­fer­ent impres­sion than those up to this point.”

The sud­den rise of pop­u­lar actors such as Robert Pattinson(and Zac Efron,Sam Worthington,James McAvoy) threaten to dethrone other sexy stars like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. That is because they have made clever plans to focus their careers along the same path that their pre­de­ces­sors have already trav­eled. They want to become some­thing more than a flash-in-the-pan “sex sym­bol”, but actors whose pop­u­lar­ity does not soon fade away.

Look­ing at things this way, “sexy” actors have a future of many pos­si­bil­i­ties ahead of them, so long as they ensure they are flex­i­ble. With­out adher­ing to a sin­gle image, they delve into new projects and, together with the cre­ators of these works, go on dis­cov­er­ing new sides to them­selves. It seems sim­ple on the sur­face, but if they do not have a good grasp of who they are, there is no point to it at all.

Those actors who chal­lenge them­selves with­out limit will con­tin­u­ally embody dif­fer­ent images, which in turn will keep their audi­ence excited and inter­ested. Those actors who can make peo­ple think, “I want to see more and more of his movies!” are the ones who will become endur­ing “sex symbols”.


  1. omg..hot yeah very niiiice.

  2. Nope not a sex symbol at all...WTF EVER!

  3. Ummm...yea Rob is a sex symbol if you don't think so fine.