Wednesday, April 14, 2010

U.S. Box Office Update: 'Remember Me' Up 40%

While it shed some U.S. theaters last week, and is sure to shed some more Friday, 'Remember Me' is still at it, posting a 40% increase according to Alt Film Guide:

Among the 30 or so movies listed on the Box Office Mojo chart, Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me had the highest jump, a whopping 39.3% — up to 17K. Of course, this is good news for Pattinson’s fans, but …

Putting things in perspective: the lower the box-office take of a movie, the higher the jump/drop in percentage terms. In other words, an extra $5K would mean almost nothing to Clash of the Titans and less than 1% to even a movie with a mid-level box-office take such as The Last Song or Why Did I Get Married Too.

Even so, unless it sheds more theaters next Friday Remember Me should reach $19 million at the North America box office before the end of its run. Currently it’s at $18.725 million. We’ll see.

Can't wait to see how much more it accumulates overseas. Combined it already crossed the $45 Million mark. Go Tyler!


  1. Glad to see it's getting the numbers it deserves! Such a fantastic movie!

  2. ITA, Go Tyler! Remember Me is literally one of THE best movies I've ever seen.