Thursday, April 29, 2010

Betty White Says No To A Nude Scene With Robert Pattinson

Rob called Betty White "one of the sexiest women in America," when he was on The View last March. Now White is getting ready to host the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and The New York Post got her to fess up about Rob's comments: “I should write him a thank-you note.” But don't expect anything more than that:

Still, isn’t there something the “mother of comedy” still wants to do with her career? Say, a nude scene with that young, smoldering Pattinson who’s so taken with her?

“No, sorry I wouldn’t,” she says. “There really isn’t much spare time these days.”

You can see why, in this first commercial about White's debut on SNL May 8.

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  1. I friggin love her!!! I can see why Rob wants a piece of that!