Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Girl With The Cutest Fan Encounters Strikes Again!

So we're starting to get a little jealous of Jeanette. Seriously.. her THIRD Rob encounter was at the 'Remember Me' London premiere, and he remembered her:

He looked at me then said "you know, we really have to stop meeting like this, people are gonna start to talk"

Read the rest of her very cute story, and then check out the great pics she shared from that day!

Oh, and in case you are wondering.. encounters #1 & #2

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  1. all I can say after reading all three of her encounters is this: He is so AWESOME!!! I mean he truly loves his fans and takes the time with them. I am so hoping that my niece and I get an opportunity to meet him at the Eclipse premiere in June here in California, but if I have to fly all the way to England to get to really meet him, I just might have to do it! Every time I read something like this and he is just so funny or sweet it just drives me insane....I got to see him at the New Moon Hollywood and Highland event in November, but never close enough to talk to, or take a picture with....My niece made me promise her that I wouldn't cry but I can't guarantee it.....