Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buffy's Emma Caulfield About Rob: "Flawless Looking Individual"

@Zap2It's Elizabeth Snead chatted with Emma Caulfield last week. And being that she knows vampires so well.. Rob came up in the conversation in no time:
"Buffy and the Vampire" star Emma Caulfield thinks "Twilight's" pale tousled British lad Robert Pattinson is ridiculously hot.

"He's painfully good-looking, a flawless-looking individual," she told The Dish Rag during our chat last week. "And I've heard him being interviewed and he's pretty self-effacing, which makes him all the more charming."

She also talks about the impact of "Twilight" precursor "Buffy" on her life and career, her love for sci-fi, "Avatar" and "Battlestar Galactica," being leery to see "Caprica," her personal "Lost" theories, and her take on the "Twilight Saga," as someone who knows a little something about vampires.

"I think I would be obsessed [with 'Twilight'] if I was 13," Emma admits. "You can't really go wrong with vampire stories because they are inherently interesting."
Here's the rest of the interview in case you are interested

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  1. Gorgeous face. She's so familiar, have seen her everywhere, but I never knew her name.