Saturday, April 17, 2010

Memo To Courtney: Why She Shouldn't Rule Out Robert Pattinson

While we don't even know if Rob would have been interested in the role of Kurt Cobain for a new biopic in the works, when the rumors hit that he was set to play him, the world definitely took notice. That included Cobain's wife Courtney Love, who basically said thanks but no thanks to casting Rob as the lead role. Now we hear from one writer who brilliantly points out why Love may want to take a second look at Rob, and the surprises he may hold in store:

So Pattinson is obviously willing to stretch and prove that there’s more to him than Edward Cullen. In the early ’90s, when Jamie Foxx was playing the fool on the skitcom In Living Colour, who would have thought that a little more than a decade later, he’d be accepting an Oscar — and pretty much every other accolade Hollywood has to offer — for perfectly embodying the spirit of the late, great Ray Charles in Ray?

It could happen for Pattinson as Cobain, too, if only someone would give him the chance.

We can't wait..

Photo Courtesy: People Magazine


  1. The comparison of Jamie Foxx and Rob Pattinson isn't an equal comparison. Doing a comedy skit show like In Living Color is a formidable type of acting school. The leap from comedy to drama isn't huge because nearly every actor says that comedy is harder than drama. Besides, Foxx did a nice job in Any Given Sunday so when Ray came along, Foxx was a proven actor and it wasn't the leap that the writer proposes for Foxx to take on Ray.

    I like Rob. I think his acting improves as the material improves, but he's nowhere near where Foxx was when Foxx did Ray. And Rob's acting level is nowhere near where it needs to be to play someone like Kurt Cobain.

    As a Kurt Cobain fan, I don't want Rob in the role. In fact, I don't even want this biopic made, but if it has to be made, then I sure hope that it is someone like Gosling who gets the role.

  2. I don't think Courtney Love deserves to have someone as talented as Rob play Kurt Cobain honestly! She doesn't know enough about talent and certainly nothing about acting.

  3. I don't think you can compare Foxx and Rob. Different styles, different everything. I don't think you can say Foxx is better than Rob either! They're just different. I also think you underestimate Rob if you think he couldn't take on Kurt Cobain. But I certainly wouldn't want him playing Kurt Cobain for the mere fact that Cobain's wife wouldn't respect him!

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that he could handle the roll. At first I thought Rob was just easy to look at but the actual acting talent has been a real bonus. And he considers himself a musician first... Not to mention that the film would do sooooo well at the box office based on subject matter and if Rob played Curt. Sounds like a winning combo to me. I think she's a fool is she doesn't at least consider it.

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