Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cannes TV Appearance, More New Quotes From Rob

With just a couple of days to go until Cosmopolis premieres at Cannes, the interviews are starting to come in. Rob tells the Associated Press that's he's ready to grow up:

"I'm kind of getting older,"  "People aren't thinking of me as a kid anymore, so I've got to stop behaving like one."

Read the rest, where he talks about the pressure of being part of a big franchise and more.

Rob also spoke to USA Today about what he doesn't like:

"I don't like people thinking that they know me," "You do all you can to surprise people. And hopefully some people will find that interesting."

He also talks about watching On The Road. Read more.

And it was one of the highlights last time Rob was in Cannes, his appearance on Le Grand Journal. Now he's back on the hot seat tomorrow with Kristen. You can watch it live at 7:10pm CET (1:10pm EST).

A couple of other news bits. The Toronto Film Festival has released a little more info on an exhibition dedicated to David Cronenberg that will of course include Cosmopolis. The Hollywood Reporter has all the details. CBC News has a little more.

And Kristen was once again asked how it felt to have her film run against Rob's at Cannes. Here's her response (google translate version):

LE FIGARO-You are in competition at Cannes with On The Road by Walter Salles. Robert Pattinson with Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg. Between you too is it a competition or rather a game?

KRISTEN STEWART - (laughs) Between us there is no problem! And we consider it as a game It's so incredible, unthinkable, crazy ending up the same year in Cannes, in competition, as we have just finished Twilight! It's strange...


KRISTEN STEWART - (laughs). I don't know. Maybe...

Good luck to all! (but really we're pulling for Cosmopolis).

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