Monday, May 14, 2012

Kristen Opens Up About Rob, "Dying To Make Another Movie" With Him

Kristen has been busy promoting SnowWhite and the Huntsman overseas, and she's being a little bit more candid about her relationship with Rob.

In her interview with Elle (US) - she briefly talked about her boyfriend's film (Bel Ami). During another promo interview where she was asked about 50 Shades of Grey being based on Twilight characters, she replied she'd love to work with Rob again (at about 2:25).

She talks to MTV about Rob and her film competing against Cosmopolis at Cannes. Watch on YouTube or below.

More Rob talk at 1:00

She talked about Rob's birthday and his accent with Celebuzz

Another birthday mention with Red Carpet News:

Rob just had his birthday what did you do to celebrate?

Well I wished him a very happy birthday of course… and there were some presents yeah!

And what's wrong with a little friendly competition? - Kristen jokes around about Cosmopolis vs On The Road at Cannes:

Kristen: I mean a little healthy competition doesn't hurt. And if there should be only one left, it'll be us! No, I'm just kidding.

 (Dubbed in French at around 50).

Kristen talks about wishing Rob a happy birthday

She talks Cosmopolis and Rob with ET Canada (at about 3:00).

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