Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie Critic That Actually Gets 'Remember Me'

For all those sites/reviewers that just didn't get Remember Me, there's always a few that are now looking past the hype.. and putting a little balance in the mix:


Massively Underrated: Youth in Revolt / Remember Me

Youth in Revolt was an innovative comedy, but it was released during a time period where people skip the theatrical experience. And if Remember Me had featured Ryan Gosling instead of Robert Pattinson it would have been correctly hailed as great. But people got far too caught up in the ending and Pattinson's celebrity to catch that he was really freaking good in this movie. Definitely worth a watch if you you're a fan of relationship dramas.

LA Times readers also weighed in on their Most Under-Appreciated movie of 2010 poll. Fans of Tyler spoke up:

Last week, we wondered which film was the most under-appreciated of 2010. Through tweets, e-mails and comments, many of you weighed in with your choices.

Some of the more popular picks didn't surprise -- they were big-release movies with a distinct sensibility that got dissed despite (or because) they felt unique -- "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" most notably among them, or even the Sept. 11 romantic tearjerker "Remember Me."

And for the movie bloggers that didn't get what Remember Me was truly about, this is the list YOU belong in. Cheers!

P.S. Laremy, I owe you a drink.

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  1. I luv this article. I think many reviewers who reviewed RM were movie snobs. Look, I could easily fall into that category except I luv all kinds of movies from the worst to the best and who is to say it is the best or the worst, we have to be dead a couple hundred years to find out what was really a work of art or great film. Remember Me will be one of those, that from several generations from now it will be noted as a great or good film. Those critics will be talked about that what were they smoking to give this movie such a bad review based on broodiness and an ending they felt exploitive. Bah Humbug to them. Remember Me will be remembered and fondly in the near future, by people who are not so close-minded.

  2. @lluvthemovies, I am with you darling...I love that movie and was so disappointed when it did not do that good in US because of bad marketing and nonsense review. I watch that movie almost everyweek and go through his pain ..it is an awesome movie...and our Rob did a wonderful job.

    How are you doing...are you ready for the Holidays.....Hope rest of my favs are doing ok..

    Have wonderful Holidays and a Happy and Peaceful New Year..

    Love to all especially my favs

  3. Yeah, Laremy is one of the few critics who was impartial about RM. Good to hear some of these comments about RM being unappreciated, etc. Hopefully, more people will watch it.

    Mrs. Deen and Iluvthemovies, have you ever checked out this site? - just google "An Unofficial Remember Me Site". It's great. If you, Mrs. Deen, watch the film every week you might like the comments and articles and other interesting posts at that site. Superlative comments often and an archive of fantastic stuff. Check it out.

  4. @Anonymous, thank you darling..I used to go to that site before and I stopped as nothing was happening for a while. I did go there after reading your comment and there was a great article from Jessegirl ....Thank you for reminding me about that site.....I love love Remember Me. I think I got so connected to it because I lost my younger brother of cancer (He died less than two months of diagnosing with Pancreatic Cancer)...He is with me 24/7 and I can relate to Tyler in a lot of ways....By the way I got attached to Twilight and Rob the year my brother passed away in 2008...My brother used to be shy like Rob... Twilight and Rob was an escape for me...now you know why i adore Rob ..every inch of him...he is like a son to me....All my fav knows about this...

    Sorry for all the details.....Happy Holidays...and a wonderful New Year...

  5. Yes, Mrs. Deen, I agree about the articles on that site.
    So sorry to hear about your loss. Remember Me does affect a lot of people who have lost people they loved.
    Best to you for the New Year.