Monday, June 24, 2013

Caps & Shades: Rob Spotted In L.A.

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  1. Rob is looking gorgeous !Love this single Rob !

  2. I love him!! He looks so HOT!! I love serious look Rob!! The only tiny thing I dont understand about him is that he wears his pants at the middle of the butt, I mean hes not justin beiber thanks God, hes is 27, and it must be very uncomfortable feeling your pants falling down Every step you make!! Still, its great to see him

  3. what a fucking loser hangs with the big wigs now with audi a5 and tesla s series trying to look the now hot single guy the lying backstabbing manwhore that he is cheating on Kristen since 2010 with katy perry friends my ass and never once in the 5 years did he call Kristen his girlfriend but had no problem perusing her and getting her. they both were in love you could see it but for katy to friend Kristen only to cover her with rob all this time behind her back and yes there are pics on instagram facebook vine and twitter from his friends bobby long his girlfriend katys friends all in the Bahamas nyc etc and also what loving boyfriend does that the main tll was the texting katy and going to her premier for part of me and afterparty instead of going to kristens swath red carpet premier and after party then in nyc this was the last straw he is a dog karma is a bitch now since he is singlell tese women is with are posting pics and the true cheater will be seen he threw her under the bus last july but I think she had an idea and when they got back together I believed he lied to her saying he only loved her and it was all a lie about katy and other women

    1. Great to see you believe in Karma , If rob is rewarded for his Karma he will rule Hollywood ! he is a great guy ! He has never cheated on kristen but 50 pics prove that Kristen cheated on Rob and also wrecked a home . you are proof of what her delusional fans are like ! She cheated on Rob and he dumped her ......its very simple really ! He tried to make a go with her after she cheated but it didnot work out !
      Rob is doing great and will do even better !

    2. I was a rob fan not a Kristen fan and 3 pictures copied to make 50 is crap and yes he has cheated per nikki reed his 2 girlfriends in London before twilight and also there are pic on instagram and facebbok from girls he has been with over the last 4 years since the break they all coming out with them and if you were afan of robs and followed him you would see but you are blinded by a pretty face he lied about his not believing in cheating and by being a private person not exploiting himself yet he was in nyc wqith arah roemer on her twitter and tali lennox on her instagram and the model for dior said that rob called Kristen is ex and katy perry his new girlfriend and she doesn't even know about all this crap with them he was in Bahamas with katy pic with bobby long and his girlfriend there when he went to nyc before met gala first time stayed in hotel with katy weekend then when he went back pics from katys friends and robs of them in a cabin together and he nevwer stayed with Kristen when she came for met gala went to afterparty with katy per people there on their twitter acct so don't point at me point at you sex god who I no linge follow

  4. Some people are delusional. ^

    Re: Rob's pants: Is that a stain on his blue underwear?
    Pull the pants up (or down) Rob.

  5. When Carol Hardwick told Rob to back off of Kristen because she was underage when the filming began. She said " There are laws about that here in this country. But did he back off, No. He should go to jail for fking a teenage girl. come on, do you really think mr. smooth was gonna pass up on such a sure thing. Kristen was rather sweet and plain looking but got more and more beautiful. What is she supposed to do settle down at 22??!! He's almost 30! Let her live her life and you go after the older more desparate babes. Oh he'll shine mighty fine amongst the more mature gals who's clocks are tick tocking away. He's Warren Beaty all over again, he'll be a whore till he's about 60, then go looking for Kristen again...

  6. Wow nice pics...
    Robert and kristen look Good together
    Thanks for sharing please keep sharing more :-)
    Fifty Shades Movie