Sunday, December 5, 2010

Was Rob Appreciative Of David Slade's Vision Of Edward In Eclipse?

Vancouver's Urban Rush talked to David Slade when he was in town recently, and they didn't waist any time getting to the Edward Cullen question (at about 1:20) in which Slade calls Rob "really charismatic." Check out the entire interview full of Eclipse goodies!

And in case you missed, we've compiled a post with everything David Slade had to say this week about working with Rob, and scoop on filming Eclipse.

Slade signed off from the series tonight with this picture and message. Thanks for taking Edward to the next level!

via Twilight Lexicon

Photo: Just Jared.


  1. I never knew what went down between Rob and David. They rarely speak about each other, so I have always wondered it they got along on set. This is still leaves me a bit confused as whether they were in sync while filming. David saying Rob is an Enigma goes without saying. He is so very charismatic, in Eclipse he even made him more charismatic, he looks so dreamy more so than the other two movies IMO. So dreamy.

  2. well i hear this comment from him like i told my friend @iluvthemovies a few weeks ago..he sounds like the relationship between them was not good at all IMO. u know what i think about that lucifer, too long to go there again hehe

    tks for the update RPN!!
    hi my FAVS missed yall!!