Thursday, December 16, 2010

MTV Gives Us The Ultimate Smoldering Rob Video.. Perfect Track Included

In how many ways does Robert Pattinson smolder? Let us count... RPattz smolders the subway, looking out a dirty window, in a tux, in a vest, he even smolders in that "New Moon" scene when he walks out into the sun and you can see his crazy white chest (that's not in this video, but I had to get something in there that rhymed, Dr. Suess style). Pattz smolders in that "dazzling" meadow scene in "Twilight," whilst climbing trees, throwing branches, dancing at the prom, meeting elephants, covered in whipped cream? Perhaps there's a pie-eating contest-turned-food-fight in "Elephants."

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Oh, MTV.. you know us so well.

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