Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ben Barnes On Not Becoming Edward, And Why That's Okay

Ben Barnes spoke to Examiner while promoting the latest Narnia sequel, and he was asked about the role that got away:

Speaking of playing vampires, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke says you were one of the final four actors to be considered for the role of Edward Cullen. We all know that Robert Pattinson ended up getting the role, but what were your "Twilight" auditions like?

There were quite a few auditions. I was the first person they kind of approached about it. It was all right. I very quickly read the first ["Twilight"] book. I really enjoyed it. I think Kristen Stewart is great. I think she’s a really good actress. And I really like Catherine Hardwicke.

But then there were two things: First off, they didn’t want to mix "Narnia" and "Twilight." I think it’s dangerous to mix characters from franchises while you’re doing one. So she definitely didn’t want Prince Caspian being Edward Cullen. It doesn’t make sense. And secondly, I’d still be shooting at age 30, playing 17, and nobody wants to see that. That would be kind of sad.

And course you wouldn’t want the kind of craziness with fans and paparazzi that Robert Pattinson has to deal with in his life.
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  1. OMG i love Ben...i had all sorts of fantasies about him when i saw The picture of Dorian Gray...i want a movie with both of them together in it...tho in my head i have the kind of movie none of my FAVS would approve of hehe ;)


  2. WOAH! i had no idea ben was one of the final four! actually super glad he wasn't chosen; he wouldn't be a poster boy. LOVE ben!

  3. Nah, nobody it was care.. He was so perfect for the character!!! He is really hot, most than Pattinson...