Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rob's Ex-Girlfriend Says He's Gonna Make A Great Dad.. And Write

Nina Schubert dated Rob a few years ago, and recently she talked to the Big Smoke Tavern about the traits she saw in him:

My ideal guys have been there, but when I didn’t realise it. I find myself attracted to people who might not be ideal for my personality. I love Jeff Bridges. When I go out with guys I always imagine them 30 years down their life. Like Peter, he’s going to be a great man. And like Rob, Rob will be a great dad. He's very talented. Eventually he’ll be a writer.
Me: Really?

N: Yeah, he’ll write films and plays.

Me: Not music?

N: Yeah that too, but he’ll write.
Read the entire interview at the source.

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  1. i read the whole thing...the girl sounds exactly like Rob

  2. When they were dating? How long ago?

  3. they broke up in 2007...i heard Nina'd left Robert...But they are friends