Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kellan Says He's Not The One With The Killer Abs.. It's Actually Rob!

Access Hollywood interviewed Kellan, and got him to admit that Rob is the one who is most in shape right now. We got a glimpse of what he's talking about in Brazil, thank you very much ;)

via Twilight FB.


  1. wow!,interesting info from Kellan about Rob's abs...maye he is really working hard ,I hope he doesn't over do it as I prefer him as he is now..we don't want him too muscular like Jacob..no thank you..Hi to my favs!!

  2. Rob will never be like Taylor Lautner, not his body type. Rob is tall, lanky and lean. He doesn't need to have OTT abs and to be over muscly. He has a gorgeous face, can't say the same about TL. Rob is sexy, he has a nice natural looking body, he is perfect for his body type.