Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Eclipse' Screencaps. The Entire Movie. Just Wow.

You can thank homeofthenutty.com and see all 46 pages of them at their site. We just picked a few to get you going..


  1. The entire movie? That's amazing. Love the shots you picked for posting.

  2. he is just so beautiful to look at...no other words can express....sigh

  3. I don't think there is one bad shot of Rob in this movie, he was flawless and at times reminded me of the statue of David in Florence, Italy, he looked like marble and was sculpted to perfection.

  4. Hi!@Iluvthemovies,just finished watching Eclipse on satellitetv..my hubby..'R'..recorded it,I have wait for xmas before I can have the dvd..it's torture but it is a compromise..as I'm allowed to watch it on tv..must be good..the hubby watched the film with me and didn't fall asleep,so it was great,and ITA with you about Rob...he was Perfection!!

  5. oh wow... when he smiles, i smile and then giggle lol
    it's sad coz i'm not lying!!

    hi favs! love to all and RPN for posting!!