Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rob & His Projects = Tons Of End Of The Year Mentions!

There are so many in fact, that we decided to put'em all in one post. Nice and tight for you to read. Click on the links if you want to learn more :)

Of course the obvious: Sexiest Man of 2010!
Best of 2010: Rob

Named E! Online Celeb of the Year,  Best Dramatic Actor of 2010 (BuzzSugar), Favorite Male, Best Beard, and pretty much everything he was nominated for on PopSugar's readers' choice. He also came in at #7 in USA Today's Heat Index for 2010, our fave E! journalist Marc Malkin loved interviewing him, and even Rob's wax figure got a Best of 2010 mention by MTV's Buzzworthy. Hollywood News calls him The Hollywood Hot Male Star of the Year, plus let's not forget that suit that turned heads at the Eclipse premiere. It earned him a spot on MTV Style's Red Carpet Stunners.

Best of 2010: Twilight series

ET's Pop Culture Movie Moments, Biggest Video on Demand -Comcast (New Moon was #3), and among the high-grossing films around the world according Box Office Mojo with an impressive $693.5 million worldwide. Eclipse was the Most Searched Movie Trailer on Google, while Next Movie named Bella and Edward as Best Movie Couple and gave the 2010 thumbs up to the Eclipse soundtrack.

FTW: Bella and Edward

We know what half of you are thinking; finally, someone agrees with us and recognizes that Edward and Bella are fated to be together. And we also know what the other half of you are thinking: nooooo, she belongs with Jacob! Whichever way your jib is cut, though, you’ve got to admit that the heroes of both Team Jacob and Team Edward continue to set the bar for on-screen chemistry with their lady love. Now if only we can convince the producers of “The Twilight Saga” to include Team Coco in the next movie…

Runner-up: Bella and Jacob
There was also MTV's Best Twilight moments (below) and Top 25 stories of 2010.

The Eclipse DVD did really well in holiday sales, just not the 40 million copies that Amazon implied it sold. CNN broke down the math. (Great article, just had to throw it in).

Best of 2010: Remember Me

Our favorite mention came from Rope of Silicon which named Remember Me as the Most Misunderstood film of the Year.
People called the ending a "twist" which I guess means any time you're walking around your house and you stub your toe it's a twist because you didn't expect to do it. This movie presented events in a way no other film has dared to try, the same way we lived it, without knowing and without warning. And I applaud it for having the guts to do so.
Perhaps the writer really got the concept of the film that so many missed, after talking to Remember Me screenwriter Will Fetters. (Another one of our fave articles).

MovieHole also put Remember Me on its Best of 2010 list:

Robert Pattinson delivers one of the richest and most weighty performances of any actor this year with his uneasy son and lover at the center of director Allen Coulter’s love letter to 9/11 (yes, there is such a thing). Catch it on DVD – you’ll find it, unjustly, at the ‘bottom’ of the new releases shelf.

Room for more?.. as 2011 arrives, there's buzz building around all of Rob's projects. Water for Elephants is mentioned in several most anticipated film lists including MTV'sAnd both WFE and Breaking Dawn are among IMDb's Most Popular Feature Films coming out in 2011. Breaking Dawn also came in at #2 on Fandango's list and was a favorite of Hit Fix.

Hope you join us on this exciting ride, as we bring you news on all of Rob's movies (Yes, Bel Ami too) and more!


  1. Remember Me was fantastic..every time i watch it, i cry because living in NYC, it hits close to home but that's what makes the movie rounded

  2. I agree RM was a fantastic film and Rob was amazing portraying Tyler Hawkins. loved watching him as Tyler more than as Edward. I have watched most of his previous movies, and although some didn't have great story lines, Rob portrayed each diversified charachter so well. I have just finished reading WFE book and can't wait to see Rob bring Jacbo Jankowski alive on the big screen. I think he will be amazing in this movie. keep up the amazing work Rob, never in my life have I been so excited and intrigued by an actor ( I am 41yo)