Monday, December 13, 2010

Does Rob Have A Shot At A Golden Globe?

UPDATE 12/14: The nominations are out, and Rob did not get a nod. Oh well, we'll be here to support him when he does!

E! Online says that is a possibility:

Remember Me. It was a cataclysm. But it had Robert Pattinson in it. And no one could deliver awards show ratings like Pattz right now. Ditto with Miley Cyrus in The Last Song.

While we disagree with that Remember Me assessment, we would love to see Rob get a nomination. Nominees will be announced bright and early Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed for Tyler.


  1. Rob, Remember Me and its director deserve serious awards!!.. but the GG are voted by press associates and we know how the press treated that film when it was released into films, they completely misunderstood the point of the reasons into the film and the work put into it.

    E! knows this well, they are just using Rob´s name once again to get hits as most “entertainment” sites do.

  2. I hope Rob gets a nomination as well,..he deserves it ,his performance in remember me was wonderful..I hope he gets an oscar nod for WFE in 2012 Academy awards ..THAT!! would be AWESOME!!hugs to my favs.