Friday, December 17, 2010

The Verdict Is In: What People Thought Of The 'Water For Elephants' Trailer

We don't have to ask you guys what you thought of the trailer, hopefully you fell in love with it just like we did. But in the interest of keeping things somewhat unbiased.. (right), here is a bit of what movie bloggers had to say:

MTV went all out with their coverage, talking about the gorgeous costumes and highlighting their favorite smoldering shots of Rob. They also asked us to choose whether we prefer Edward or Jacob, and that's a decision we are not ready to make.

Best Week Ever went the silly way per usual, highlighting the similarities between Water for Elephants and another epic love story:

It is SO Titanic meets Dumbo! We’ve got “the most famous circus disaster of all time” and we’ve got elephants. We’ve also got:

Robert Pattinson in the role of Leonardo DiCaprio

Reese Witherspoon as Kate Winslet

Christoph Waltz as Billy Zane

Old Pattinson (Hal Holbrook) as Old Winslet (Gloria Stuart)

and Paul Schneider as Bill Paxton


On the more serious side, The Washington Post liked the trailer, and is already mentioning the O word:

if the clip is any indication, the movie will at least look gorgeous.

Featuring grand, hazy-with-nostalgia visuals and shots of Reese Witherspoon looking every inch the old movie star, it's a feast for the eyes. Of course, a number of people will think said feast is really all about Robert Pattinson, who definitely comes across (appropriately) as less broody and Edward Cullen-ish here.

Me? I was more focused on an enraged Christoph Waltz and the wonderful Hal Holbrook. Oh, and the elephant, who is clearly on track to win an Oscar in early 2012.

The trailer also got a thumbs up from Entertainment Weekly:

The finest compliment you can give a trailer for an adaptation is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me.
The Wall Street Journal has obviously not read the book:

Pattinson plays opposite circus performer Reese Witherspoon, a casting decision that isn’t in the Oscar-winning actress’s favor, judging by the trailer. Pattinson is so baby-faced that he makes the still young and fetching Witherspoon look like she’s robbing the cradle.

While the LA Times is holding judgment, but seemed to appreciate the mood of the clip:

Neither of the romantic leads says much of anything in the trailer. Instead, it's filled with hazy, glowing shots of life in the circus: Jacob peeking in to catch a glimpse of Marlena in the center of the ring, delicately laying her svelte body across a horse; the two together, gently stroking one of animals.

We like the langorous, moody tone, though it's nearly impossible to judge from the trailer if Pattinson has any acting skills beyond that longing gaze thing. It's also mildly difficult to believe the 34-year-old Witherspoon could truly be wooed by a young man a decade her junior, but that's a conceit we think we'd be able to get over.

 Cinematical wished we could have seen more of the leads in the film:

It's a full trailer showing more than a teaser ever would, yet the only actor to get much of a chance to shine in the scenes captured is the great Hal Holbrook, who plays the older version of Pattinson's character (though his name isn't cited beyond the quick and tiny credit screen at the end). For the rest, we see Waltz get angry, Witherspoon seem whistful and Pattinson stiff-faced. (Pattinson gets a lot of flack for his lack of facial expressions, something pretty surprising for a bright and upbeat person in real life. Someone give him a comedy, stat!)
 Screen Rant gave the trailer and Rob, a vote of confidence:

If Pattinson’s involvement makes all you Twilight haters want to head for the doors, I highly recommend you at least check out the first trailer for Water for Elephants. Yes, Pattinson may not be the world’s greatest actor, but he’s not the worst either.

Besides, when you flank him alongside two Academy Award winners (Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz), you kind of expect him to up his game.

But the review that mirrors what we're thinking, came from Review St. Louis:

I have to admit that upon reading the synopsis of this film, I wasn’t very interested. However, now that I have seen the trailer, it is now a movie I am highly anticipating. Robert Pattinson continues to take roles that set him apart from his Twilight roles, and he looks like he has a good shot at having a career after a solid franchise. Reese Witherspoon looks better than I’ve seen her in years, and Christoph Waltz looks like he might show us another award winning performance. The only thing that worries me is the April release. This film looks like Big Fish with less Burton sensibilities, and it looks like something that might appeal to awards voters. So, why is it being released in April?

Either way we're so excited for Rob, and know he'll be amazing in the film. The countdown to April is on!


  1. yo creo que esta buenisimo no puego aguantar las ganas para verla aca en mexico

  2. traduccion perdon i think its wonderfull, cant wait to see it here in mexico

    que viva mexico

  3. The older woman/younger man relationship seems perfectly natural to me. I'm 62 - maybe I've been around too long! Or it's just wishful thinking...

  4. Too many critics saying it is unbelievable to think a woman 10 years older than Rob (in this case Jacob) could have a crush on him.. same prejudgment when press say Twilight fans are only teens, when we know the demographic that likes Rob as Edward and wants to see what Rob does next in his other projects is the more grown up women demographic, beside it happens in real life, older women do like younger men (ex: Demi/Ashton and she is more than just 10 years older).
    Another thing is how can they judge acting from just glances at him.. the only two actors edited in there to say most o the things are Hal and Christoph, even Reese there is doing a lot of gassing more than acting itself.
    The WFE trailer is perfect, gives a look at the general magic mood this storyline has.

  5. ITA with the last review from Cinematical, I know Rob is so expressive and yet he can seem wooden in some of his roles, I don't understand how in How to Be or The Mad Mother's Handbook, he is so expressive and Little Ashes, he does need a comedy. He needs to let lose, live in the moment, I know he has it him. Believe me I say this with great admiration towards this young man. I am not trying to be mean, but as a film buff, you know great acting from so-so acting and Rob has such great potential, but so far I have not seen him really grow, there were slight hints of it in Remember Me and his performance as Edward in Eclipse was so much better, but he definitely needs to take a role where he is the total opposite of Edward Cullen. I don't care if he plays a slasher, the devil, the poor of the earth, deranged lunatic, an ugly duckling turned into a swan sort of role just as long as we can see he is more than Edward Cullen and I know he can be. When WFE is released I hope we see more of Rob's range than we did in that trailer, I am still crossing my fingers, either way I am watching the film if for nothing else than Christoph and Hal Holbrook. It looks like a beautiful film and I loved the book. I know this might offend or upset some of Rob's fans but please know I am not trying to be offensive and my core group of friends know and we disagree as well, I only want the best for Rob and I want him to succeed in this industry and not be a one trick pony.

  6. Hi! to @Iluvthemovies,..ITA with you ,I'm hoping as well that when we see wfe next year, will see the range in Rob's acting skills and he can prove the critics wrong .. the music definitely draws you in..and the major leads look fantastic. especially Rob..OMG! he looks so handsome in tux..oh!..I can feel my blood pressure rising..haha...Hi to all the other favs:)