Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stewart Shining Gives Us The Best Christmas Present We Could Ask For

The photographer shared this new outtake with fans today..

Later he tweeted about the fan reaction to the gorgeous outtake :)

All we have to say is thank you Stewart Shining!


  1. tks RPN ans stewart!!
    that is my fav shoot eva!!
    OMG he looks so good in that shoot more than usual and that is saying A LOT :D
    he looks so vulnerable in some I LOVE IT!!
    i always imagine what this guys must have been thinking while taking pics of ROB...hehe
    love to my FAVS!! miss yall guys!!

  2. Hi! @yaelfica,it's great to read your comments..missed you as well...ITA! this Rob's pic is smouldering HOT<HOT<HOT!!!he looked a little muscularly..on this one..just perfect not OTT..and look at those arms..Hugs to you Yaelfica and all the other favs..Iluvthemovies,Mrs.Deen,JA,papagaj,and Twilola..and all Rob's fans thanks RPN..Happy New Year to all!!