Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Rob fans, 2011 Is Gonna Rock!

With 1/1/11 knocking on our door, we're jumping on the 'Best of' train. Here are our picks for Best of Rob 2010!

We start off with the best proof that Rob will nail his job as a daddy in Breaking Dawn (and we're guessing Water for Elephants too). Sigh..

In 2010, Rob also proved that he can sell anything to a willing audience.. a burgundy suit, sure!

Dirt?.. we love him even more!

Not to mention the ultimate role.. as a Bad Ass Cop!

In 2010 fans also got the best chance to run their fingers through Rob's hair. Unfortunately, it was his wax figure who paid the price.

But the passion fans displayed for everything Rob also had its benefits. Rob was voted sexiest, most talented, most popular, and everything you can imagine related to him in 2010. Here's a list of those titles.

And each and every one of you made quite an impact on twitter, spreading the love for Rob and his roles.

Make no mistake, you are the voice of the fandom, so as 2011 arrives we'd like to thank you for your support of the blog/twitter as we support Rob and his career. Hope you stick around to see what comes next!

Wallpaper: Agi via Robsessed :)


  1. Thanks girl for everything you do on behalf of us Rob Fans :)

  2. tks for everything RPN!!! u rock!!!

    i love this site. and the fact that is DRAMA free, makes it my fav!!

    love to my favs