Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Production Update: Tweets & More

So many actors are part of Breaking Dawn, that it's hard to keep up with them.. and their tweets. Most of them are either in Baton Rouge or arriving soon. If you'd like to follow their updates, check out this comprehensive list of Twilight stars official twitters. Dan Cudmore (Felix) and Cameron Bright (Alec) were the latest actors to post updates from Baton Rouge.

We also got confirmation via Mandy's Mind on a scene involving Bella and a very nice restaurant. Finally, Lainey gave us a bit on what filming is taking place right now:

Stewart and Pattinson worked on the Vampire Sex Scenes that take place immediately after Bella gets turned. They’ve also shot some Christmas sequences. Pattinson’s had a few days off since last Thursday – today being the last – and Stewart had almost the same days off save one in the middle. Then they both resume shooting for the next week or so at the Cullen House where she’s pregnant and feeling like sh-t.

And that's all we have for now!

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