Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Production Update: Baton Rouge A Busy Place This Week

While production on Breaking Dawn has been moving along since last month, this week seemed to be a particularly busy one for cast and crew. Thanks to tweets and media updates, here's a wrap of what went down.

Since Rob and Kristen were in Brazil, we hadn't seen any production pictures until this week. Photogs caught up with the Volturi in New Orleans. You can see the rest at PopSugar.

We also got an update from Lainey Gossip about the production schedule:

This week they’ve been shooting scenes at the Cullen home as Bella is very, very ill. 

 Today they’re back on set for a scene from Breaking Dawn Part 2, a vampire bonfire and sharing war stories. Next week they work 3 days in the field with the Cullens and the bad vampires. Then beginning December 23, they’re off for the holiday break. They continue to shoot the battle for a week when production resumes in January.
She was on the money, as tweets from the cast confirmed:

And we even got a peek at what the cast munches on, courtesy of Scene Magazine

Some of the cast was out and about this weekend promoting the Eclipse DVD at signings across the country. While Rob and Kristen did not attend any of them, fans in Baton Rouge did get autographed posters from them.

Oh, and we did get to see Rob this week. In a heart-melting shot with a baby. Phew.. think that's all the big stuff. Let's see what next week brings!

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  1. OH!..look at all the spread..yummy..lots of jelly beans,fruits..and the signed poster..just loved where Rob puts his signature..on Kristen body..haha..marking your territory Rob?..I think it is sweet..IMO..LOL! thanks so much RPN..happy Holidays !