Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Vamp Talk On 'Water For Elephants' Set Says True Blood's Frain

James Frain is in the film with Rob, and recently said the world of the undead.. never came up in their conversations:
"My scenes were with Robert Pattinson but I'm sorry to say we didn't swap vampire stories. I wish we had.

"People can't believe there's going to be a scene in the movie with a Twilight vampire talking to a True Blood vampire and that we didn't spend our time chatting about that, but I'm afraid not. I wish I'd got vampire tips from him, I wish I'd gone 'Oi, Bob mate, any tips?'."

But James was full of praise for Robert, saying: "He's sweet, quite shy, just a really good guy."
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  1. yeah and he didn't even mornnnnnn me........