Friday, December 3, 2010

What's In A Song? When It Comes To 'Twilight'.. Everything!

Alexandra Patsavas has been in charge of putting together the Twilight soundtracks since the beginning, and this week she's sharing her experience and some very cool scoop with Much Music:

MM: When you’re listening to new artists do you constantly have the Twilight characters in mind? Are you always on autopilot in terms of searching for songs that will fit within the upcoming Breaking Dawn films?
AP: I think Music Supervisors always have the characters in mind. But of course, when you actually see footage, sometimes the footage turns out exactly as you imagined it and sometimes the songs, which seem like they will fit so well, actually don’t.

MM: Some films release second and third soundtracks of music ‘inspired’ by the film. Is this something you would ever consider exploring with Breaking Dawn 1 and 2? Have you ever thought about this for the previous Twilight films?

AP: I feel like it’s really important that the soundtracks include music that’s in the movies. The reason these soundtracks are souvenirs and are pieces of the movies is because fans can remember the scenes that the (songs are) actually in, instead of the scenes they might have been in. That’s important to me, personally.
We couldn't agree more!

Read the rest of this great interview at Much Music, and another one she did with Dose.ca


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