Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Look: Jacob, Marlena & August Make An Appearance On ET

As we anxiously await the Water for Elephants trailer to come out, tonight Entertainment Tonight had a brief clip of what we'll see!

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Twilight Poison made some great screencaps of the clip. Here are a few.. check out the rest at that site.

But the best news of all, came from 20th Century Fox:

So excited for Rob and the rest of the cast! - Look for the full trailer as soon as it's available.

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  1. If I only recorded this..as I was watching it.
    I felt like my fingers were butterfingers trying to text you...I was so EXCITED to see this!!!!

  2. OMG!! i'm sooo excited!! i should put a lid on it!! i can't!!! :D

    and this is only the trailer..when the movie comes out i will have a mental breakdown! hehe
    tks RPN

    love to my FAVS all of them...

  3. The hair is AMAZING! i love cleaned up Rob on days like this...sigh.

  4. Super excited, April 15th, not here soon enough. The trailer tomorrow will hold me over but not for long. Rob absolutely looks like a living doll. Gorgeous.

  5. Dear Lord!!I can see most of my favs are here..I can see everyone are excited to see this trailer of wfe,..I can imagine Iluvthemovies eyes wide opened staring at Rob's gorgeousness !!It's amazing how one young man can hold this attraction to millions of girls/women all around the world..he is a Brit and his name is Robert Pattinson!..He looks perfect for the role of Jacob!..thanks RPN..hurry -up April 15th 2011!! hugs to my favs!!