Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Australian TV Show Mentions Rob & 'Water For Elephants'

Australia's Today show had a look at upcoming films, and they mentioned Water For Elephants.  According to the show the film will open there in June. (Click on image to watch. Starts at about :50).

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Film.com also has a great write-up on why Water for Elephants should draw in the crowds across the board:

Set it all in the hard-knocks landscape of the Great Depression and you have the makings of a spectacularly thrilling, poignant, and romantic adventure. And not airbrushed rom-com romance, but rather love with gritty, witty, engrossing, true-to-life twists and turns that resonate like they've been lifted from the pages of your intrepid grandpa's diary.

Read the article.

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