Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Takes Holiday Break - More Casting On The Way!

As Breaking Dawn takes a break for the holidays, there's word that more casting will happen once production moves to Vancouver at the end of February. You can read all about it on the blog put out by Alan Baltes.

We also got some updates from the cast in Baton Rouge this week.

As for the wolves, they hadn't seen their scripts until likely this week. Alex Meraz seemed to confirm it.

And Chaske Spencer talked about the security surrounding the scripts:

"What they do is they'll wait because scripts have been leaked. Not 'Breaking Dawn' but in the past. Then you get it and it's like security guards and helicopters. You know, handcuff it to your wrist"
Chaske also mentioned how it is working with the rest of the cast:
The experience I've had with the cast is everyone's down to earth. That's what I like. I've been on some films where people aren't very down to earth... I think very highly of [Kristen] and Taylor and Rob. They're handling it very well."
Hope everyone enjoys their holiday break. :)

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