Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Forbes: Rob Among Highest Earning Actors

Same numbers, different list. Forbes sure knows how to get that readership up. In the last few months Rob has graced a couple of the magazine's lists, thanks to his estimated $20 million dollar earnings. Not surprisingly, now comes word that Rob is also among Hollywood's highest earning actors, placing at #11 on their 2011 list (along with Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig). All we have to say is.. the looks, the charm, the talent, the man has it all!

Rob and his beanie laughing all the way to the bank ;)

Per Forbes:

Robert Pattinson - $20 million

The Twilight star branched out recently with Water for Elephants, which costarred Reese Witherspoon. The film did OK but its box office was a drop in the bucket compared to the Twilight films. With two movies left, expect Pattinson to keep earning big for the next two years.

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