Monday, August 15, 2011

The Confirmed, The Rumored, The Ridiculous

So today brought ups, downs, and just the plain funny to the world of Rob.

The confirmed:

Rob will not play Jeff Buckley in any of the upcoming films about his life. We were really pulling for him, after he mentioned meeting with Buckley's mom in connection with the movie being directed by Jake Scott. But it was not to be. The casting for the role was announced today. We're sure a bigger and better project will come his way :)

The rumored:

After the Breaking Dawn Comic-Con clips were shown at the Empire Big Screen event in London, there's now word they could be coming to a PC screen near you:

We have been told since however that these clips are all set to hit the web next week, so do keep it THN as we will post them just as soon as we get them.

Fingers crossed!

The ridiculous:

And now to the funny of the day courtesy of craigslist LA.

"Twilight," as a musical film (like sweeny todd) is looking for the next TEEN SENSATION. 

Casting for all roles. LEADS and SMALLER ROLES. EXTRAS AS WELL

& Jasper.

All teens MUST be able to know basic singing. You do NOT have to be a strong singer. One WILL be employed to train you if you are chosen.

Shoots Oct -December in Georgia, Tennessee, Mexico and South Florida. With an emphasis in and around Savannah.

Please no drop offs or phone calls

Please send appropriate headshot, resume and contact information to the email listed

make sure to put RB Casting and the name of the role in your subject or you will NOT be reviewed

Casting dates are late August, first week in September 

Our first thought was wait until Summit hears about this.. can almost hear the phone call to their lawyers being placed now. Then again, Bella singing about perfect sparkly vamps.. how bad could it be?

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